We have a modular building-block approach to our services.
Most VR projects require all three skills. Gyroscope makes these talents available
on an individual basis as well.
Simple is better---
360º Virtual Tours
High quality virtual tours are as engaging as they are informative, inviting viewers to get more involved and stay longer on your website. Gyroscope virtual tours are photographed digitally, producing a high-res panoramic image (at least 8000x4000 pixels). All image editing is done at this stage, then each image is archived as a master. The image is then scaled and authored into the desired VR movie for optimal web delivery. Soundtracks and hotspots are often authored into the VR movies. Hotspots may be scripted to take you to another VR movie, an image or a URL. We always follow up with your web designers it assure that everyting works and looks perfect.
Available in
Interactive Objects
Interactive objects add an exiting dimension to product photography. Not only are they more interesting to look at because they move, they also posess a 3-D quality by virtue of an optical illusion known as motion parallax. Gyroscope object phtography is built on a foundation of years of traditional commercial product photography. Objects are mounted on specialized motion control equipment, and photographed digitally at regular rotated views. The multiple images are edited and archived as high-res masters, then scaled appropriately and authored into QTVR movies. Of course, we follow up with web implimentation to assure your satisfaction.
Gyroscope's professional services are also available individually --
Digital Photography
Gyroscope stands on a foundation of over 25 years of commercial phtography experience - shooting in studio and on location, people, products, editorial and fashion, for ads, catalogs, and magazine editorials. Your project may require still photos as well as VR images, or you may only need still photos. We're there as a dependable resource for all of your digial imaging needs.
Image Editing
Tim Petros has had an intimate relationship with Photoshop since about 1990. Even before Gyroscope was created in 1995, Tim produced computer imaging on numerous high profile jobs for clients such as GE Capitol, Practical Periperals, Best Data, and Warner Bros. His image editing skills are available to you through Gyroscope Interactive Photography.
VR Authoring
Some projects might require VR authoring only. You may have already photographed the panoramas, or created them in CGI (as was the case with Disney/Pixar and Ratatouille).
Or, like in a number of past cases, you realized that this VR stuff wasn't as easy as you thought, and needed help out of a jam. Feel free to call on Gyroscope.
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